Saturday, September 4, 2010

Speed, Sharaab and Superwomen

1. Connect

2. What is obtained when fermented wine is packed in a bottle and a second fermentation is induced in it by adding more yeast and allowing it to mature for atleast another 1.5 years?

3. Connect and fill in the last 3 blanks: Eleanor, Bess, Mamie Doud, Jaqueline, Ladybird, Pat, Betty, Rosalyn, Nancy, Barbara, ________, _________, _________


mayur said...

1. limited editions.
2. sitter.. champagne

ps: niceee to see you back to quizzin.. :)

Karthike Ramesh said...

2. Scotch
3. Hillary, Laura, Michelle

Satan Himself said...


1. Not exactly special editions. They are logos of car brands owned by the Porsche Family

2. Champagne, it is

3. First Names of the First Ladies of United States

and Thanks pille :)

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