Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Amazing, Absurdly Amazing and Downright Atrocious

1. What is this a list of ?

1. Google
2. MakeMyTrip
3. Intel
4. Marriot Hotels
5. NetApp
6. American Express
8. PayPal
9. Ajuba Solutions
10. SAS (Solutions)

2. What word has been blackened out?

3. Easy to Google. X was established in 1934 and soon grew to have 14 plants all across India. In 1994, the American majority shareholder Y sold off its 50.9% stake in X to McLeod Russell of the Williamson Magor Group which renamed X to Eveready Industries. Identify X and Y


The Addictive Mind said...

1. SITTER. D list of best companies to work for in India

Anonymous said...

1. Best places to work in India
2. Siachen Glacier
3. Union carbide

shibin azad said...

3.union carbide

C. V. R. said...

2- siachen
3- union carbide india, union carbide

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