Sunday, July 27, 2008

Long Time No See....

Hellooooooooooo Every1....

Vacations are over.. I have shifted out of the hostel.. where i have 24 hour net unlike the restricted version at the hostel.. Back with the same vigour.. if not more... QUIZ ON!!!!!!

1. A sitter after 2 months... Identify this ultra hot cudda-been-supermodel lady?

Ans: QUEEN RANIA, of Jordan... She is one B-e-a-u-tiful lady..

2.. This building is the inspiration for which fictional manor in a cartoon book series ?

Ans: MARLINSPIKE HALL, where Captain Haddock, from the Tintin comics, lived

3. Identify this father-of-a-phenomenon..

Ans: LALIT MODI, IPL Commisioner

4. The man on the right is Bal Thackeray... The man on the left is ???

Ans: DEVISINGH RANSINGH RANAWAT, The First Gentleman of India

5. According to old texts, this is the map of ..?

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