Monday, April 28, 2008

Harbingers of Change...

My first post even close to politics...

1. Of which event is this a photograph of?


I couldn't recognise the photograph when i had first saw it.. However, every1 else knew.

2. Who are these people and what was the result of this meeting? ( a point fr the result and half for every leader )

Ans: The BANDUNG CONFERENCE. RESULTED IN THE FORMATION OF NAM.. Leaders are: Nehru, Nikumah( Ghana), Gamal Nasser (Egypt), Sukarno ( Indonesia) and Marshal Tito ( Yugoslavia.

3. What is this man's recent claim to fame ? ( only half if u tell his position . )

Ans: MORGAN TSAVANGIRAI, the President-elect of Zimbabwe.

ONLY JAHNAVI got all the three questions correct. Kudos!!!

Sex, Shoots and Shaken Drinks -- With Style..

Since its pretty obvious what the connecting theme is.. So, specific answers please. No half points anywhr.

1. Identify.

Ans: THAMES HOUSE, the headquarters of MI6.

2. This is a poster for which movie?

Ans: A sitter.. This is the teaser for QUANTUM OF SOLACE.

3. " You Only Live Twice " is a James Bond novel in which Bond goes to Japan on an impossible mission to extract information from the head of Japanese intelligence and kill an enemy. Numerically, what is so special about this story that makes in unique in the James Bond series?

Ans: This is the ONLY novel where Bond is not 007.Instead he is 7777 (four 7s). Only Jagriti got this right.. All Hail!!!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Men With Balls!!!!!!

1. Identify.

Ans: ROGER " The Ultimate Baba" FEDERER.

2. Which soccer team is this?..And who is missing from the team practice?

Ans: This is the LA Galaxy and ,ofcourse, DAVID BECKHAM is missing from practice. It took me 40 minutes to search a decent picture of them. Phew.!!Bloody tiring.. ;)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines... Vrooommm!!!!

1. A sitter for petroholics.. Identify ..

Ans: This is " THE SPIRIT OF ECSTASY " ( UK ) or "HE FLYING LADY " ( USA). This is the hood ornament used on Rolls Royces. It is inspired from Eleanor Thornton.

2. This is a Merc-AMG CLK 63.. Now, no police force uses Mercs .. So why does it have the yellow lights on the top.. ??


3. This car will create history.. Identify the car and the record that it will hold when it comes into the market in june '08?

Ans: This is the TARA TINY, an electric car, made by Tara International. When it comes out, it will retail for Rs. 99,000 ONLY, making it THE CHEAPEST CAR IN THE WORLD. I can't believe so many called it the Nano...after seeing Nano's photos EVERYWHR fr so many days..

4. This is the circuit of which longgggg race..:)

Ans: This is the Circuit De La Sarthe, of the 24 HOURS OF LEMANNS race.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Greedy Gaming God...

1. Cars change, from a Benz to a Fransisco Motors to Land Rover and back to Mercedes - Benz. And no matter what the country is , the registration number is always SCV - 1 . For whom is this number reserved ?

Ans: The car is the POPEMOBILe, and the person is , of course, the POPE.

2. What is this a list of ?

Wal-Mart Stores
Exxon Mobil
General Motors
General Electric
Ford Motor
Bank of America Corp.
American Intl. Group


3. Started by Simon King, a researcher at the University of Minnesota, this website, one of the largest in the world, saw an investment by Satyam Computers. Later on, it was taken over by Sir Paul Getty's company, becoming the flagship site of that group , displacing its original one. It is now owned by ESPN. Which site?


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

An Amoeba??

1. Identify. No half points.

Ans: PRINCE PHILLIP, the consort of Queen Elizabeth. When he became the husband, it was proposed that a new House of Mountbatten be established as generally the royal house is named after the male member. However, it was decided that the british crown shall remain with the house of Windsor. The prince then bitterly remarked that he felt like "An Amoeba".

Monday, April 21, 2008

Stoned Students...

1. What is this?

Ans: A toughie. THIS IS THE INSIDE OF THE HOLY KAABA, the holy stone kept at the mecca.

2. Identify this place.

Ans: TIANNENMEN SQUARE.. The site of the red revolution in China

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Picturesque Pixels...

1. Identify this world's largest building of its kind.

Ans: CHRYSLER BUILDING, the world's tallest brick building.

2. Identify the other buildings that are being constructed there.. ( marked with the arrows )

Ans: THE NORTH AND SOUTH BLOCKS OF THE CENTRAL SECRETARIAT. The Parliament House can be seen clearly in the bottom left corner.

3. Who resides in this picturesque house.


4. A sitter. Put Fundae.. A Bonus if the place too is identified.

Ans: The half-clay-half-graa court for FEDERER and NADAL exhibition match at PALMA ARENA, MALLORCA, SPAIN.

Friday, April 18, 2008

On The Way - To and Though - Heaven....

Both ABSOLUTE sitters...

1. Identify this White Sea??


2. Identify this road with the black strip in the middle.

Ans: FIFTH AVENUE, NEW YORK. The way through heaven ;-)

Of Birds--- Censored and Captured....

1. Identify this legend.


2. Identify this world-famous "used furniture" dealer.

Ans: As my friend Capo said, 'Sir' AL CAPONE

Matris Ego Tutus Vos....

1. Identify and gimme the connect. A pint fr each of the pictures and 1 for the connect.

Ans: They are all NATIONAL PERSONIFICATIONS. Left to right:
Britannia, Mother Russia, Marriane ( France ) and Bharat Mata

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bombs Books n Buildings....

1. Connect these innocuous looking items..

Ans: LITTLE BOY and FAT MAN, the 2 bombs dropped on Japan during WW II

2. This is the first cover of which magazine?


3. Which world (in)famous island is this??


4. Identify this commemorative monument.

Ans: This is a memorial for those who died in the NAGASAKI bombblast. Its built right the hypocenter of the blast.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bunker Boys......

1. Whose hideout?


2.. Again, whose hideout??


Monday, April 14, 2008

From Tops and Tabletops.......

1. You have read about me in Class -3 GK books.. Now identify me.

Ans: BACHENDRI PAL , the first woman to climb Mt. Everest.

2. This is the logo of which rising force in the media world. In its short history, it has already made a profound impact on the way the world sees things.


... TO Doors and Diners

1. Identify me. ( Hint: Love him or hate him but you just CANNOT ignore my son. ;)).

Ans: WILLIAM GATES Sr. , the father of Bill Gates.

2. A 2-point question. Identify this place which has now been demolished. Its replacement is going on and will be unveiled later in the year. Again, the lines on the floor should help.

Ans: CAFE GROUND ZERO, in the Pentagon's central courtyard.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Wondergirls.....

And I (almost) quote Tenacious D, " This one is for the ladies. But fellas, check closely. "..... :)

1. I was born to Vernon and Vernita. I got pregnant at 14, gave birth to a child who died young. O own the television channel " Oxygen " and a charity organisation called The Angel Network. My best friend is Gayle King, with whom, allegedly, I have homosexual relations. Who am I ?


2. A sitter. Identify me.

Ans: AUNG SAN SUU KYI. The Burmese Nobel Peace Laureate.

3. Immortalised in the West by the documentary , Something Beautiful For God, my name means " Rosebud ". My organisation's first branch in the USA was opened at South Bronx, NY and now has missions in more than 100 countries. During the siege of Bierut in 1982, I brokered a temporary peace between the Israelis and Palestinians and went to the warzone myself to rescue 37 children. Who am I ?

Ans: MOTHER TERESA.. Where r u mother, we need you down here..

4. My father died at the age of 17 leaving me to rule over a vast kingdom. I died because an "asp" bit me.I have been depicted many a time on the canvas in television and in movies. Who am I ?
( This image is not her original image. Its a photograph of a work depicting the lady in question.)


5. I am the only female on Forbes top earning dead celebrities list. My death is classified as a " Probable Suicide " . When my nude pictures appeared in the media and a journalist asked me what was it that I wore in bed I replied, "Chanel No. 5." When asked what I had on during the photo shoot, I replied, " The radio. ". My last significant public appearance was when I sang a birthday song for a person whom i was,allegedly, involved in a romantic relation. Who am I?

Ans: MARILYN MONROE... The origina; " Dumb Blonde "

People & Places...

1. The building, pointed by the arrow, is a part of a huge palace complex having more than 1000 rooms in all. Who resides on the top floor of this building? Look at the grounds. They r a big hint.

Ans: THE POPE. The lines on the courtyard are unique to St. Peter's Square.

2. What, considered " international territory " ( not ruled over by any country ), is surrounded by First Avenue (west), East 42nd Street (south), East 48th Street (north) and the East River(east).


Thanx a ton for the compliments.. :)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Easiest Questions ...

1.. For the lack of a better question, Identify the devices.


2. This now defunct format of data storage was designed as a successor to the standard DVD format by Toshiba but has now given way to the Blu-Ray disc concept of Sony after a very very long war. Which format?


3. Something is being described . Which object of the yesteryears? -

The_________ is a 7 ⅜" wide, 4" deep, 1" thick (187 mm × 103 mm × 25 mm) plastic clamshell held together with 5 Philips head screws. The flip-up cover that protects ______ has a built-in latch with a push-in toggle on the right side, as seen in the Bottom View. The _________ also includes an anti-despooling mechanism as seen in the Top View.


Friday, April 11, 2008

Its High Time For Fantasy...

1. This is the original cover design of a series of books. Which books?

Ans: THE LORD OF THE RINGS.... An absolute masterpiece.. NO LESS...

2. King Shaharyr and his brother, The Tales of the Hunchback, Porter and the Three Ladies, The Loves of the Boy and Girl at School, The Water-Carrier and the Goldsmith's Wife, Harun-al-Rashid and the Arab Girl, The Adventures of Mercury Ali of Cairo... These are a few stories from which legendary collection of short stories. ??


Colorful Sticks...

1. Connect these seemingly abstract items..

Ans: ALL OLYMPIC TORCHES. In order, Beijing, Athens and Sydney.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Its All Cartoons....

1. It was originally conceived as " Mystery Five ", with the lead characters being Geoff, Mike, Kelly, Linda, and Linda's brother "W.W." and their dog, Too Much... However, it came out with a different name for all the characters and for the show itself.. Apart from winning Emmies, one of the show's character went on to be included in almost every " 50 Greatest Cartoon Characters Of All Time " list. Which show and which character ??


2. Penny, Vanessa, Bascomb, Pierre, Cheepers, Woody, Aunt Noovo, Which cartoon show ??


3. Created as a replacement for Oswald The Lucky Rabbit, it made its first appearance in Plane Crazy, which could not be released because no-one was ready to distribute it . Then came The Gallopin Gaucho. Again, no distributors. Then came __________. And hence changed the world of cartoons. He has his own star at 6925 Hollywood Boulevard, the first cartoon character to do so. Which legendary cartoon character?


4. He started off as a small fry in a cartoon strip called " Thimble Theatre ". He became so popular that a new series started with him as the main character. The farmer's community in Crystal City, Texas and Alma, Arkansas have erected statues in his honour. On its 75th Anniversary, The Empire Street Building turned its lights green, the only time it has ever celebrated a Cartoon characters anniversary. At one time, it was more popular than even Mickey Mouse. Who?


2nd Best Day ...

Hey all...

This blog's proudest moment yet.. It just got added to Brainiedeal's Blog Roll.. :).. Feels nice to see ur inspiration liking your work. :)

And the new banner thats up there is courtesy my friend Karan a.k.a Capo. Thanx a lot mate fr the babgiri tht u dd with the banner .. :)

Splurge Time....

1. Identify this largest of its kind building in London..

Ans: HARRODS... The largest departmental store in the world.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

History For A Change...

1. In 1908, a man named Julius____ created a powdered pea and bean soup for those busy factory-working women who didn't have time to prepare good meals. He then went on to make many other such easy-to-prepare products including broths. Which brand??
(Hint: This brand has now been acquired by Nestle.)

Ans: MAGGI. Now, who doesn't like it.....

2. This is an image of the battle site of a legendary battle involving the 23rd Batallion of the Punjab Regiment and the 51st Infantry Brigade of the Pakistan Army. The line tank tracks which were for some reason going around in this weird fashion. Identify and put fundae.

Ans: This is the site of the legendary BATTLE OF LONGEWALA in the 1971 war. This photo was taken by an IAF plane. The tanks were running around trying to save their Ar*es from the IAF planes.. Hence, the weird tracks.
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