Sunday, November 16, 2014

Connecting People

1. The fact that India's history is shaped by money and narrow politics is visible in the how X has panned out in India. The first X was sent by Diamond Harbour to a group of Kolkata businessmen in 1850 while the last X was sent to Mr. Rahul Gandhi and Mr. S.M.Khan, Director of DD News, on 14th July, 2013. What is X ?

2. The software co. X was founded by Nick Sears, Chris White, Rich Miner and Y in October 2003 to make software for digital cameras. The software was first seen in EXCA 300, also called 'Sooner', in 2006 in an entirely different class of devices. What is X and Who is Y?

3. The term X was coined by Kevin Ashton in 1999. It was referred to as D2D by Bill Joy in his 'Six Webs' presentation @ WEF '99, before X was coined. Some of the industry bodies defining the growth and direction of X are Open Interconnect, Industrial Internet, IPSO and AllSeen. What is X?

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